The Firm Karford was established in the year 1972, as a service station in Przyborów. The owner,  Jerzy Młynarek specializes  in repairs the cars of brand Ford Transit. Owing to narrow specialization the firm has gained  numerous clients from all over Poland.

Until today Ford Transit is a symbol of Karford.  The history of the brand name Karford has rised from connections of two words: the name  of the town Karpacz (where one of the company's branch  is situated), and the car named Ford. Majority of clients  mistakenly see this brand name as a car – Ford.  In the course of time the firm  has developed its activity. Presently the company  manages  four independent warehouses.

There are four independent branches of Karford in Poland. The company cooperates with  many business partners and serves several thousand clients. The professionalism in service brings steady growing number of clients who are eager to cooperate with Karford. .


The branch of KarFORD:

Karpacz ul. Wielkopolska 14,
tel. 75/ 76-16-176, 76-16-173, 76-16-269; fax. 75/ 7616269

Nowa Sól ul. Głogowska 73,
tel. 68/ 38-75-286; e-mail: